The Apostolic Carmel was founded in 1868 by Mother Veronica in Bayonne, France and established at Mangalore, India in 1870. This Congregation tries to fulfill the purpose of its existence through the education of youth in its various Schools, children's Homes, creches, and schools for the disabled.

Established throughout India, in Sri Lanka, Kuwait, Africa and Pakistan.


We at Carmel Junior College shall provide value-based education to prepare our students to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Our faculty and students shall be spiritually inclined, ethical in conduct and socially concerned with courage to stand up for their rights and the rights of their fellow citizens.
  Guided by our vision and the values of the Apostolic Carmel we shall make Carmel Junior College a symbol of excellence by :  
  Emphasis on character building including respect for others.  
  Instilling the spirit of competitiveness in our
students. Preparing them to compete with the best
for higher education and career development
  Enabling the Faculty and Staff to keep in touch with
the latest in the field of education.
  Providing infrastructure for sports and other
personality development activities.

  Providing affordable education to the children of
limited means.
  We shall make every effort to meet the expectation
of parents, faculty, society and all other
We at Carmel Junior College value:

● Honesty, integrity and ethical conduct
● Social concern
● Learning and sharing
● Respect for others views
● Love for the Nation


The School offers :

  1. English medium educational programs up to standard 10 at present. Every year, one more standard will be increased and finally the students will have up to standard 12. This School is called Carmel Junior College (CJC) This school is affiliated to ICSE.
  2. Hindi medium educational programs up to standard 7 at present, which will go up to standard 10. This school called Carmel Hindi School is not covered in this application basically because of the non-alignment of its Vision with CJC. This FREE school is an extension of our Social Concern for our poor neighborhood.
  3. Foreign Languages
  4. Extra curricular activities
  5. Computer classes
  6. Public Speaking from LKG UNIQUE Practice
  7. Specialised Teaching Practices like 10 + 2, 5 + 1, 3 2 1, ability grouping, action projects, adaptive scheduling, affective education, ALEM i.e. Adaptive Learning Environment Model, TIC i.e. Tick IN Common Sheet, AGO i.e. Aims, Goals Objectives, agree / disagree matrix, agreement circles, alphabet summary, alphabetic foods team, alphabetic principle, alternative assessment, teacher errors and many more. These practices have made our school one of the best in the Eastern region of the country. The Principal is always on the search for such good practices adopted elsewhere and also finds and innovates many and implements them.
  8. Training Programmes for Teachers: TQM , QC / SGA, Process Mapping, TSEEM, ISO,
  9. Training Programmes for Staff: Safety, Ethics, Legal compliance
  10. Services for the Needy:
  11. Safety training for all
  12. Classes and programmes on Safety, Social responsibility, Ethical behavior and Legal regulations inside and outside School

CJC has the state of art delivery mechanisms. We are the FIRST to introduce many of these in Jamshedpur . These are provided directly by our school, partners and collaborators.


Competitive Environment

We have been declared best by the Jury of Tata Steel Education Excellence Model. Implementing TQM, Process Approach and 14 Principles of DEMING for Education have given us an edge over all other schools. ‘Excellence Our Endeavour’ has been the motto of the school. ‘Learning at all levels’ is the guiding principle. CJC is the first preference for parents when choosing the school for their children. This is a school that is much sought after. This is evident during the time of admission. Parents living next door to our competitors choose CJC even if it involves transportation. Looking for students has never been a problem for CJC. Principals and teachers of other schools including our competitors’ send their children to Carmel Junior College. With a wide choice to be made from the applicants seeking admission the school attracts the best quality students.
We are the fastest growing school in Jamshedpur with 100% capacity utilization every year. We receive the highest number of applications every year.